Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make With Home Inspections

How would you define a home inspection? For anyone who has had someone inspect his or her home for whatever reason, a home inspection is all about analyzing or evaluating the condition of a home. A home inspection goes beyond just inspecting your home to identify problems. A professional home inspector will also inform you on how you can maintain your property to minimize major problems.

It’s important that you understand how to keep up with your home. Remember this is one of your largest investments, and you don’t want just to leave everything to chance. There are mistakes you’re likely to make during a home inspection, either when selling or buying a home.

Not getting your Home Inspected before listing it

A common mistake you’re likely to make when selling your home is not having it inspected before listing it. But the buyer will still inspect the home. Yes, that’s true. However, inspecting your home in advance will help you know the areas that have problems. You can choose to disclose the minor repairs when listing or have the fixed before listing the house. You don’t want to be forced to renegotiate with a potential buyer after he conducts his own inspection.

Not Hiring a Qualified and Experienced Home Inspector

As mentioned, the role of a home inspector is to evaluate the condition of a home as well as educate on how well you can maintain and take care of the home based on its condition. Hiring a certified and experienced inspector will allow you to make the most of the inspection. You can avoid many mistakes and problems in the home by hiring someone who knows what should be done and does it professionally and efficiently.

Not Attending the Inspection

Is it necessary for me to attend the inspection? Well, as much as there’s no work for you, it’s a good idea to be present during the home inspection. Being present will give you the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns about certain areas. Of course, you shouldn’t be a distraction to the inspector’s work.

Not Preparing the Home for Inspection

Preparation, in this case, means creating a conducive environment for the home inspection. You need to clean the home and open all the necessary windows and doors to ensure the process is done smoothly. You don’t want to give the home inspector a hard time going around your home. Do your part and let the inspector do his or her part professionally. Ensure all areas can be accessed.

Not Reading the Inspection Report

After the inspection, the home inspector prepares a written documentation which highlights the strengths and weaknesses or areas of concerns in the home. Failure to read the report will mean you won’t address the areas that need repairs which will end up costing more down the road. You should, therefore, go over the inspection report and take advantage of the recommendations. If you have any questions be sure to ask the inspector. The report will inform you on the areas that you must prioritize during repairs. Make sure you follow everything as recommended by the home inspector.

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